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Initial exam

50 $
The initial examination includes the history taking, the physical examination with the necessary orthopeadic and neurological tests, the detailed explanation of your complaint, the review of your x-rays and/or fluoroscopy, and the explanation of the plan of treatment offered for your specific condition. The initial examination requieres about 1 hour of your time.


55 $
Each treatment includes a mix of trigger points (acupressure), mobilisation of the injured area, vertebral adjustements with the hands (spinal manipulation), massage with the thumper, interferentiel current(IFC) or ultrason (according to the type of injury) and exercices to do at home. The time of each treatment varies from 25 to 40 minutes.


80 $
By providing a direct visualization of vertebral movement and blockages, the fluoroscopy is helpful in the recognition of the most endammaged areas of your body. In addition to the overview of the actual state of your spine, fluoroscopy establish a point of comparaison for futur study.


20 à 50 $
Combined with fluoroscopy, x-rays is helpful in the identification of the changes underlying your complaint. X-rays are not needed for every patient every time. The cost of x-rays varies accordingly to the number of films taken.

Follow-up examination after 3 months without treatment (according to the time taken)

20 à 50 $

Additional examination for secondary injuries (according to the time taken)

20 à 50 $
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